4 tips about Dental Implant Services in Mississauga


Dental Services in Mississauga, like everyplace else in Canada, has advanced much further than most people have imagined.

For example, in some cases, smaller cavities are no longer filled using the dreaded drill but actually use air abrasion instead.

Cavities, more often than not are detected by lasers rather than X Rays, and there are new advances in gum treatment which are fantastic.

So too, have there been advances in dental implant services.

#1. Ask your Cosmetic Dentist Mississauga about computer designed dental implants

Usually, because of the loss of bone in the jaw, dental implants have to be done in stages.

However, with computer-designed implants, exact duplicates of a lost tooth can be produced within a day or less. And once produced, they are ready to implant immediately into the patient. No waiting for a lab to create the tooth, which may take several weeks.

#2. Ask your Mississauga dentist about antibacterial implants for your dental implants Mississauga.

Antibacterial coating is one of the latest dental technologies, and with it, the tooth will be much more resistant to future decay.

With an antibacterial coating, the implant from best dental implants Mississauga is resistant to the foods that we eat that tend to attack teeth.

By getting an antibacterial coating, you will not have to be super careful for a few weeks about the foods you eat after receiving your implant but can enjoy all of your favorite foods with gusto.

#3. Computer, image guided implants

While dentists are experts at crafting implants by hand, since around 2019, many cosmetic dentists have shifted to using image-guided systems to help them perform dental procedures.

Combined with a 3D cat scan of the jawbone, teeth, the patient’s sinuses, nerves and roots, image-guided technology allows a best dentist Mississauganot only to produce a more accurate fit for the implant, but it takes a fraction of the time it might use with traditional implant methods.

In some cases, a dentist can actually implant more than one tooth in a single setting.

#4. Less time for an implant

With traditional implants, typically there was a two-stage process for first embedding the implant into the jaw, and then several months later, forming the implants after the implant has fully healed within the jaw.

However, fortunately, with modern dentistry, the two-stage implant is a thing of the past, and it takes only one sitting, not several months to implant the teeth.

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